Why You Hate Selling — And What You Can Do to Fix It

Are you, like so many people in business, just hate selling?

You need to sell in any business (well, maybe not selling ice cream) but, mostly, selling is a skill to know and love.

Now, if you don’t want to love it, there’s an easy route:

Change your mindset.

No, this isn’t becoming an “attitude adjustment” video. It’s just a quick fix.

Realize, if you change your attitude about sales, you’ll be able to go out and sell more confidently and in a more genuine way.

So, what attitude is stopping you from selling effectively?

Selling Feels “Sleazy”

Frankly, I am always stumped with this one because the people who say it are those that have a good business with a valuable service or wonderful products that can help people.

There’s nothing “sleazy” about that.

If selling feels “sleazy” to you, this means you’re doing it all wrong. Or, at least, thinking about it wrong.

The idea is to help people and collaborate with them to find a solution to their problems. Hopefully, that solution is your product or service.

Rather than a high-pressure sales pitch, you should be engaging the prospect in a conversation where the two of you work together to discuss their needs and how your offering can help solve their problems.

Selling is Hard

Sales can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be if you approach it in a natural way. When you meet a prospect, you’re listening to them and getting information. Then, at a later stage, you can introduce your product to see if it matches what they need.

The “hard work” of sales is getting leads and spending time with them. The more you get out there and talk to people, the higher your chances of finding that match between their needs and your product. But the actual “work” itself is building a relationship with the person and listening carefully to learn their needs.

The Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection may be keeping you from sales success. It stings when people say “no.” But what they’re actually saying is that your offering doesn’t meet their needs right now. It’s not a reflection on you at all, but simply bad timing or a mismatch.

One way around this feeling of rejection is to realize that you win either way, whether you make the sale or not. If you don’t make the sale, you’ve opened a dialog and started a relationship. If you nurture this relationship, it could translate to a sale down the road.

It’s Boring

If you think selling is boring, you’re approaching it the wrong way. Sales is a process of discovery where you get to know your prospect as an individual human being. You make an authentic connection and then see what you can do for them.

Finding a way to help others with your expertise is a reward. Get excited about your product and the ways you can help, and you’ll be excited to talk to your prospects.

The Fish Aren’t Biting

What if you’re getting out there and meeting people with a positive attitude and a natural approach, but you’re not getting anyone to say yes? It’s not a waste of effort. You’re just targeting the wrong people or using the wrong language to explain your offering to them.

You may need to clarify what unique value your product offers. How do its features benefit the customer? What makes it unique from similar products on the market? It always helps to refine your approach and improve your communication skills.

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