Why is it So Hard for Asking for Money on the Internet?

Asking for the MoneyAsking for money on the Internet is one of the challenging things most people do when they are trying to sell their products or services.

If you think about it, besides asking a close friend for some money, just about anyone — even if you know them — asking for money isn’t comfortable.

And, that’s when it’s in person. But when asking for money on the Internet, it’s an entirely different animal.

There Are More Steps Than In-Person Selling

In selling in person, there’s a nice path to the sale: You state the problem, you salt the wound (increase the pain), you show the solution, give lots of proof (testimonials), handling objections and then close the sale.

Really, it’s just six steps.

And, if just do those six steps in sales, you should make more transactions. Unfortunately, most people plow into the sale without a plan, like the six steps.

By the way, yes, for the picky readers, yes, there are several other steps:Prospecting, getting rapport, identifying needs, follow-up, etc. But, I am assuming that these persons are already in front of you (so you don’t need to prospect), you should have a rapport and, of course, following-up is going to happen, etc.

The thing is that the above scenario is for in-person selling. In selling and asking for money on the Internet has more steps, which makes it somewhat harder.

Additional Steps

When selling and asking for money on the Internet, there are some “pre-selling” tasks to do:

  • You really should have a good email system, and you can create that rapport (above) so that they know better about you and what you are offing to them.
  • Perhaps, you had a Lead Magnet — this is an ebook, video, infographic or something that they learned from that benefitted them. And, it’s free to them.
  • You would have an excellent website explaining your products and services.
  • The testimonials would have already presented to your prospects, and they would be stoked after reading or listening to them.
  • It is essential to have a sales letter using the six steps (above earlier) and the call to action to call you, make an appointment, buy or whatever.

The trust factor alone on the web just makes it more difficult when you’re asking for money on the Internet!

Some More Factors

Yes, there are a few more things to know so that you’re prepared to sell on the web. If you have this ready to go, you won’t be so surprised when they come up.

They Can Always Leave

You know, when you have a prospect in your office or you’re at a meeting, a restaurant, or wherever, you pretty much have a captive audience, right? Unless you’re a terrible person, they’ll stay there and listen to your presentation.

But, on the Internet (and, even on the phone, but a lot less), they can just leave. I’ve been on a webinar with hundreds of other prospects, and I would just leave the webinar. (I bet they didn’t even know that I went!)

Your email can be deleted. Your videos can be stopped. Your Facebook page can be “unliked.”

So, realize that while the Internet is a great way to find prospects and sell your products and services to them, the candidates can always leave. They have more control over their time than sitting in your office.

On another post, I’ll show you how you can keep the visitors of your site staying and buying from you!

Hearing Your Voice

When I’m in my office and talking to a client, it’s a real show! The presentation I create has lots of voice inflections, movement, pauses, variations of the tonality, any graphics or handouts are spectacular, and I believe that I have control of the meeting.

Most important, your voice becomes one of the most tools you’ll have in your sales process!

On the Internet, it’s a lot of text, like this page. Are they reading it? (Hopefully, you’re reading this!) They can click off, get distracted, see a link and zoom! they’re off your site and learning about some gadget that they need!

But, when they hear your voice in the office or meeting, you have their full attention.

How to Use Your Voice For Your Internet Sales

You’re quite lucky to be alive at this time. Even less than ten years ago, this technology wasn’t around, or it was just too expensive. But now, you can use your voice on the Internet to sell your products and services.

And, it’s easy!

  • Do a Video— You can simply create videos and put them on YouTube. Do your phone and don’t try to make it perfect. You don’t need a “production”. Just make it and upload it. It’s free, too! Just finish it.
  • Create a Podcast— Okay, this one is a bit more involved, but again, it’s quite easy and free, too. You can use your phone form that, also! Want to know how to make your individual podcasts? That’s right, go to YouTube and watch a few videos and soon you’ll be a podcast mavin.
  • Use Audio— You know that your phone (man, that phone is handy, isn’t it?) can make recordings? Yes, make small recordings and upload onto your website.

These three ways to get your voice on your site and your sales page will help you and your sale tremendously!

The Close Needs to Be Different

When you are selling and asking for money on the Internet, closing is a bit different but better! In your office or meeting, most of the time you get the “Okay, I’ll think about it.” routine and they are gone. You follow-up, but many times, they’re lost forever.

But, on the Internet, you have their email address (you have their email address, don’t you?!) and you can use your email follow-up letters to engage them. Ask questions. Get feedback. Find out if they need something else.

But, because of the email system that you put together, you can still communicate with your prospects, and you could get them back and buy from you.

You would send them lots of information email letters and some have a close for the sale. Usually, three informational lettersand then one close for the sales letteris a good ratio.

Keep at it, and you’ll find that your sales will climb!

So Many Choices on the Internet

Lastly, it’s harder to do the selling and asking for money on the Internet is because there are so many choices. With all of the bazillion websites, social media, and news sites, you could just be a speck of dust in the midst of all of the information on the web.

Your best bet is to keep your readers and visitors engaged on your site. Use the email system you have to keep them coming back. Use your videos to stay on your site longer. Ask them questions so that they get to know you. Be sure to answer any email, problem, etc. and become a real person to them.

Yes, selling on the Internet, asking for money, making a sale is harder than when you are in person, in a meeting in your office… and if you keep at it and use the various techniques on this page, you can get that sale and close it!

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