One of the Biggest Problems in Sales is Asking for the Money

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Almost every day, I hear this:

“I am rather good at selling, but when it comes time to asking for the sale and the money…”

“I freeze up.”


“… I never ask for the money…”


“…I change the subject…”

Realize that if this is not addressed, you won’t get the sale. Period. And, that’s one of the biggest problems in sales.

So, here’s how to ask for the money and close the sale:

First, you need to believe that you are worth the money. I have something called the “Clown Comparison”.

In the Philadelphia area, where I am located, a birthday party clown goes for about $285 for around 40 minutes. They open up presents, do clown things and it’s great. $285.

Are your services more valuable than a clown’s? Probably. (And, if you ARE a clown… no offense; I’m making a point.)

So, let’s say you teach how to get on TV. Your clients could become famous. They could make thousands, hundreds of thousands or (hopefully) millions of dollars with your help… and you are asking a pittance.

Stop it! Stop it right now!

Figure out what you are WORTH—not what you FEEL you are worth—what is the VALUE of your product or service?

Next, practice saying the line, “…and my fee for my services is YOUR FEE.”

Or, “…the price for the PRODUCT is THE PRICE.”

Say it with a straight face, without gulping air or hesitating. Really, practice saying it in the car, the shower… everywhere and say it until you BELIEVE it!

Then, at the sale… say it. That’s it!

One day, I decided that I wasn’t charging enough for my services. I was charging $477 for one of my programs and thought it should be more.

Why? Because I decided that my information and saving them money was worth more than $477.

I decided at the next appointment I would charge $577. They bought it without blinking. I just made $100 more for doing nothing else than saying a different number!

Well… I thought, “I wonder how high I could go!” That day, I made well over a thousand dollars more than I would have…just by saying a higher number.

But… it all worked because I believed I and my services were WORTH it.

So, what are YOU going to do to ask for the money? Let me know in the comment section below…

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