How to Become a Real Estate Closer

Real Estate Closing the SaleWhen someone gets into the sales business, especially when they decide to buy and sells houses, they usually ask the same thing:

I want to know how to become a real estate closer, especially when I never sold anything in my life.

First, in real estate closing, I’m not talking about the final negotiations at the table when checks go back-and-forth and the signing happen. That’s completion or settlement. I mean, when you make the SALE!

In sales, closing means when they decide (really decide!) to buy. This is the time between selling and the settlement — when you need to become a real estate closer.

1. If You Are Already in the Sales Profession

For those of you that have already been “around the block” sales a sales pro, this isn’t always a good thing. At this point in their career, they’ve seen it all, been to all of the sales trainings and they may think that they just need to sell.

They say to me that they are jaded. They know what to do, but they feel that something is “missing”. And, in my opinion, that, yes, they can sell well. Closing is the part when things go south.

Of course, I am repeating the closing thing page-after-page, but, isn’t what this site is about? (So, don’t say, “All he talks about closing!” ‘Cause that’s what all I’m gonna talk about here and you’ll learn a lot!)

When you decided to become a real estate closer, you had to learn the main skills: Listing, talking to prospectors, showing properties, getting them to make a decision and on and on.

Some sales pros tell me that that just got lazy, where they just assume that, eventually, the client will settle on a house or property and say, “Okay, we’ll get this one.” and the next step is the settlement.

Unfortunately, there’s more to this. It’s the last step in the sales process.

2. Your Sales Skills Are at an Intermediate Level

Or, you’ve been to the businesses courses and you probably made some sales! Excellent, and you probably need to get the real skills so you can master how to become a real estate closer, right?

Usually, at this position, you know what to do and when to do it. But, many times the results don’t come. The buyers don’t buy and — in most cases — the feeling of panic or desperation starts. Not always, but many times.

The feeling of desperation starts with the deadlines that don’t happen. Or the end-of-the-month figures aren’t the way you want them.

And, you may not this, the customer will know how you are feeling. They don’t quite understand it, but they will pull away from the close of the sale and it’s lost. For good, usually.

This will happen to everyone. Everybody. At one time or another. So, here’s what you can do about the feeling of desperation or panic:

  • First, get away from the work and get to a quiet place. Your parked car, your closed office, at home, at a quiet park. Just make it a safe and quiet area where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Next, breathe quietly and slowly for a minute. If you want to close your eyes.
  • Just think about the last time you had a sale. If you never had one, think of the last time you had a good time (an easy time, a fun time) with a client.
  • Just think about that for about five minutes. Your mind may wander; just refocus and come back to it.
  • When done, just open your eyes.
  • Take several deep, slow breaths.

Now, start again on your sales project.

3. If You’ve Never Sold Before

Believe it or not, this is a good position to be in. While you may feel intimidated, unsure, fearful or like an impostor, still you have no history of failure.

So, forget all of the “sales-y” techniques. Forget all of the tricks of the trade. They aren’t the best to do this.

Have you ever convinced someone to do something — maybe it was your kid to eat their meal or friend to go somewhere. Most people can do this easily.

For some reason, when they think about selling, they just get paralyzed. So, be yourself and just talk to the other person. Then, you are ready to ask for the sale!

4. What Do I Expect?

One of the aspects, when you find out how to become a real estate closer, is you just need to take action. Meaning, you need to actually just ask, something like, “This is the perfect [whatever it is] for you. Let’s make an amazing offer to the Seller before it’s too late!”

Not a question — a statement. Then, stop talking. Wait it out and wait for the response. You’ll be surprised that most of the time, it’ll be a positive action, like a yes!

5. Can This Actually Help My Closing Rate?

How could it not? Even if you fail, you win because all of this is practice. Eventually, you’ll figure out the actual ratio that you’ll have — like after eight houses you show one will result in an offer. Or every 4 clients, one will actually buy.

Now, this number will vary to your skill, your agency, your time in the business and various factors, but you just need to figure out what that number is and aim for it.

You’ll be surprised that when you discover out how to become a real estate closer you’ll look forward to the “no shows”, the “no’s”, the “lookie-loos”, etc. because every [your number] comes up, chances are the next one is the winner!

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