How Poverty Consciousness Will Ruin Everything

Afraid of enough moneyI know a lot of people — you may know some of them, too, yourself — who is always afraid that they may never have enough. Money, that is.

Let’s get this part out of the way: Money isn’t evil. It’s not. Money is just an instrument or a tool. It’s how you use it, good or not so good.

And, perhaps, this is how people go down the road of how money and — for them — how poverty consciousness will ruin everything in their life.

If they need to sell, poverty will keep them from making a sale. If they need to buy something, poverty consciousness will keep them from getting what they need, like medical help.

How is This About Closing the Sale?

You need to know WHY people do — or in this case, NOT do —anything. Why does someone use poverty consciousness to not buy, to “think about it”, needs to speak to someone or one of a thousand excuses not to buy from you.

You also need why YOU may not close the sale because why “poverty consciousness” will ruin everything in your sales process — to the point where you, yourself, will sabotage the sale because of simple fear.

Poverty Consciousness Will Just Make Your Life Miserable

“That’s a lotta money!”

As some of you know, I used to have a successful hypnosis clinic where I helped people with several problems, one of them is quitting smoking. I guess we all agree that smoking is bad for you, right?

So, they make an appointment and come in for a consultation. They tell the hypnotist their stories, the problems of quitting, how someone they know died because they smoked, how his or her marriage is on the rocks because they smoke and on and on and on it goes.

And, then there’s the price. And, for many of them, it’s as if smoking wasn’t the issue. It was money.

“Oh, that’s a lotta money! I thought it was about a hundred bucks, ” they would say. It seems as if the MONEY was the issue and not their life.

This would make me crazy, too!! He’s a guy who has COPD or an awful health problem and they are afraid that they’ll “lose some money”. Crazy.

And, the word is “lose”. In “poverty consciousness”, it’s the thought of losing will overtake the feeling of winning. He could WIN by:

  • Not smoking
  • His family and friends will stop bugging him
  • He’ll save thousands of dollars a year
  • Insurance will go down
  • Many health problems may get smaller
  • He’ll smell “better”
  • Won’t need to go out to smoke
  • Any other amazing benefit…

But, it’s the possible LOSS of the money — the “poverty consciousness” will keep him paralyzed into non-action. It usually does.

Is It in the Past?

If you think about it, the fear is coming from either the unknown or it’s remember something from the past that didn’t go well.

So, when you need to make a decision that is the right one for you, but if you have a fear of, perhaps, something won’t work out, you postpone the decision. (Usually, it just never happens.)

Or, maybe, you remember something that happened to you years ago and because it didn’t work out before, naturally, you’ll fail again. Which is a ridiculous way of thinking, right?

And, when money is involved, the unknown issue or the problem from the past will then become the justification for using money as the issue.

Is it REALLY the Money?!

No… almost never. You can always get money. You can. Maybe not instantly, but you can (somehow) get it. (Legally, that is.)

I used to say to a buyer, “If your toilet exploded tonight and the plumber said to keep from the sewage leaking all over your living room ceiling, and it’d cost you $2000, you’d find the money, right?!”

And, they ALWAYS agree.

Yes, you can always get the money.

So, when you are selling a service that is “expensive” to the prospect, you must have the feeling in your mind that they could find the money, as that the service is worth it. Make sense?

When you get that belief, many times, that belief will transcend to them. Not always, but many times. And, you get the sale and a happy client as well!

It’s a Believing Thing

And, this is the thing that I try to teach to my students that you really need to “believe” that you really CAN make the sale. I remember when I was starting out if I felt as if I was wavering in my thinking that I’ll make the sale, I lose it.

But, if I started going down that road, I would take a slow, deep breath and think that I’ll get the sale, they will hand me their credit card and (surprisingly!) the close of the sale happened.

Later, when this happened a lot, it went from “surprisingly” to “expected”.

Or It Could Be Lack

The real meaning of “lack” is the state of being without or not having enough of something. In this case, however, is the fear of lack or “lack mentality”.

Bluntly, the fear is from thinking that there’s not enough to go around. Think about a pie. The pie is finite. It’s as big as it is; you can only eat as much pie exists. The pue won’t grow bigger or duplicate itself. A pie is a pie.

Money, believe it not, doesn’t work that way. Money can duplicate itself, it can grow and there IS enough to go around. You can actually create money out of the air, metaphorically speaking.

Fear Mentality and the Art of the Closing of the Sale

In the close, much of the fear is projected onto the client. Let’s say you have a service that the prospective client needs. Really needs it.

Your job is to tell the person about it, show why they need it and close the sale (asking for the money). That’s selling.

But, let’s say you know for a fact that the client just lost his job last week. His family consists of five young kids and they rent a house. Yes, they may have money issues.

Now, remember this person needs your service. Pretend now, that you know for a fact this person, when they buy your service can benefit tremendously. (It doesn’t matter what the service; just go with it.)

If you start going down the road of thinking about this person’s problems, “Man, this person really can’t afford my service. He needs it so much and I knowhow marvelous it is! But…” — if you project YOUR thinking onto that person, you will both lose!

And, this is why “poverty consciousness” will ruin everything in your sales process.

Your job is to make the sale, benefit your client, they will be happier (or prosperous, more healthy, etc.) and it is WIN-WIN.

Just believe.

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