Do You Hear “NO”..!?

Refusing the saleEveryone does and the most frustrating part is — that they never really tell you WHY you hear no.

A few years ago in my office, I had a potential client who needed some sales mentoring, because that’s one of the things I do.

And he said, “People don’t tell me why they won’t buy! They never just come out and say, ‘No!’”

Listening, I’m sitting there agreeing with him because, to me, that’s not news. To him, it’s a real issue. Why?

Because he’s right! People won’t tell you WHY they won’t buy and why you hear no.

Now, once in a while, you’ll hear that they are broke, you’re too far or they’d rather look at their phone. But, mostly, they don’t tell you WHY they aren’t buying.

And, you want to know something?

You don’t NEED to know why. Why? Because it doesn’t matter so much.

Yes, you could help with a payment plan, but we’re talking about the core beliefs here and it all comes down to this:

1. They either can’t afford it (and they aren’t your client anyway) or

2. They don’t believe that they will get the VALUE for their money.

So, later, I was selling this guy a program for coaching him over the fear of prospecting. (A BIGfear, by the way.)

And, even after having the conversation about what I just told YOU, he needed to think it over!!

Fine. I don’t need to know why. Because… I already know why:

He needs to justify the value of what he’s going to get from my coaching vs. the cost of the program.

I did tell him what the consequences of not doing my coaching are… the loss of income, feeling like he can’t achieve his goals… even possibly losing his job!

I didn’t PRESSit; I just mentioned it. And, if he decides to do it, great! If not… great!

And, that’s the attitude YOU need, too, when selling.

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