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How Poverty Consciousness Will Ruin Everything

Afraid of enough money

I know a lot of people — you may know some of them, too, yourself — who is always afraid that they may never have enough. Money, that is.Let’s get this part out of the way: Money isn’t evil. It’s not. Money is just an instrument or a tool. It’s how you use it, good […]

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Why is it So Hard for Asking for Money on the Internet?

Asking for the Money

Asking for money on the Internet is one of the challenging things most people do when they are trying to sell their products or services. If you think about it, besides asking a close friend for some money, just about anyone — even if you know them — asking for money isn’t comfortable.   And, […]

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One of the Biggest Problems in Sales is Asking for the Money

Depositphotos 23964365 l

  Almost every day, I hear this: “I am rather good at selling, but when it comes time to asking for the sale and the money…”   “I freeze up.”   or   “… I never ask for the money…”   or   “…I change the subject…”   Realize that if this is not addressed, […]

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The Positive Money Mindset

cashfloat 43

Is it that you may feel as though you don’t deserve to make money without a positive money mindset? People saying all the time that they just don’t deserve to make money. Their parents were poor. There are too many poor people in the world. Whatever the reason, they don’t feel as if they deserve the privilege […]

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